We translate the latest research into products that contribute to increased
well being and better health.


We are a leading actor within DNA- and protein technology!

Today we are a leader in our field. Our special expertise is to apply the latest scientific advances in DNA technology and other molecular biology research into useful products for consumers, municipalities, healthcare and companies. Dynamic Code develops safe home tests and services for health and environment.  

Our approach to product development is to create products that are close to people's needs and help people seek advice for various symptoms or diseases. Many of the health tests Dynamic Code has developed give customers quick and useful answers. Our tests often give more accurate and faster results than health services, and the accuracy and clear information in our tests results is what makes us different from other actors. 

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Anne Kihlgren, CEO and founder

Our latest concept - home tests linked directly to the digital health care!

Dynamic Code has developed a unique total concept in which home tests are linked directly to medical advice and e-prescriptions. This is possible through cooperation with digital healthcare centres in Sweden and Denmark. The entire concept is a digital business under the name Carestore.com, a taste of the future of healthcare! Where the customer is most important! Here you can buy tests, get tested and retrieve test results online. Everything is quick, easy and secure – without leaving home. How is this possible?  

Well, Carestore.com covers the entire chain. Linking together the development of customer-friendly home tests and modern lab techniques. The result – less time and better security from results and diagnosis to the right measures and treatment – a better healthcare! 

Welcome to Carestore.com!