Dynamic Code receives innovation financing from Vinnova for development of home tests.

Sampling at home, clear results, diagnosis, medical consultation and treatment within three days. This is possible with the new generation of home testing and now the government authority Vinnova is granting Swedish company Dynamic Code SEK 3 million to develop future home tests.

The government authority Vinnova has awarded Swedish Dynamic Code innovation support of just over SEK 3 million to develop the new digital business area Carestore.com. The overall concept is that in the future health testing can easily be done at home.

Here individuals are offered a variety of health tests, along with medical advice and e-prescriptions online. The client/patient is just a few keystrokes from their test results and secure video contact with a licensed physician. In three days the customer can begin their treatment, i.e. get a home sampling kit, take the test at home, obtain their test answers and if necessary, receive an e-prescription and begin medical treatment. Everything is quick, easy and secure without leaving home. The result is a shorter time from result and diagnosis to proper measures and treatment.

In the business area, Carestore.com links together development of customer-friendly home testing and modern lab techniques with the digital chain of healthcare. This is the home test of the future, that is “Home test 2.0” says Anne Kihlgren, CEO of Dynamic Code.

Currently Carestore.com offers this overall concept with tests for chlamydia, mycoplasma and bacterial vaginosis (vaginal bacteria in women), but by 2016 the plan is to offer e-prescriptions and medical advice for more tests and more markets.

Carestore.com is a natural deepening and expansion of Dynamic Code home testing and is an important part of our strategy, says Anne Kihlgren, CEO and founder of Dynamic Code. This means that we do not leave the customer with just an analytical result. Based on our test results a private person can get an e-prescription and proper treatment directly online. With VINNOVA's support we can now accelerate the development of more tests and more specialised medical advice online as well as focus on additional markets at a faster pace, says Anne Kihlgren.

Given that many people today find it difficult to get to, or set aside the time required to visit a health clinic today, our offer is a modern complement to regular health care, continues Anne Kihlgren. We also see this as an opportunity to free up primary care, which is especially important in light of the major challenges healthcare faces. With this concept, we can help to free up the health care system with sustained, safe high quality while making it easier for patients at the same time.

Vinnova is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Industry that calls for innovative projects from businesses. Vinnova finances innovative research and development projects in the early stages and Dynamic Code has received part of this money to develop the concept Carestore.com with the development of more home tests, cooperation with other specialists and to evaluate additional markets in Europe for this concept.

Quick facts about Dynamic Code:

Dynamic Code is a Swedish company founded in autumn 2000 by Anne Kihlgren and Björn Rosén, who both have backgrounds in research and extensive experience in DNA analysis, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology from inter alia the Swedish National Forensic Centre (NFC), formerly the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science (SKL) and the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV). Anne and Björn quickly saw the potential of the latest DNA technology and being able to offer flexible and secure health and environmental testing and kinship determination for individuals as well as healthcare companies and authorities.

Today Dynamic Code offers products in four product areas: health tests for people, tests for indoor environments, paternity and kinship determination as well as animal analyses and lineage tests.

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