New DNA technology together with world-leading health app helps users achieve their diet and exercise goals

Those who know their genes also have a head start in understanding how their own body responds to diet and exercise. The Swedish company, Lifesum, a market leader in digital health, now offers its customers DNA-based health tests from Dynamic Code. The partnership is a step in creating better conditions for users to live a healthy life and achieve their diet and exercise goals.

Through new technology and psychology, Lifesum helps its 20 million users keep track of diet and exercise routines based on their individual goals, whether those involve losing weight, building muscle, or living a healthier and happier life. One of several factors affecting the outcome is the individual's genes, as the body responds differently to different types of fat and exercise.

If two people exercise and eat exactly the same, their muscles, performance, and weight may develop very differently, depending on the type of genes they carry. Learning about your genetic makeup is thus an important step in order to gain deeper insight into what is required to influence your lifestyle and achieve your goals.  

The health companies, Lifesum and Dynamic Code, are now entering into a strategic partnership to provide their customers with knowledge about themselves using simple tools. Among the tests offered are those that show predisposition to being overweight and classification of muscle properties.

“At Dynamic Code, we help people gain control over their own health. Quick and safe test results and diagnoses, along with dramatically shorter waiting times, help reduce unnecessary stress and worry. And, you can take care of everything at home, using your smartphone. This is where Lifesum and Dynamic Code think alike. Lifesum has extensive experience of being in, and understanding, people's everyday lives, as well as providing support that help people make sound decisions about their health – quickly and easily. Through our DNA tests, our and Lifesum's customers gain even better knowledge about how their health is affected by diet and exercise. This raises e-health to a whole new level and we look forward to a long-term partnership, starting in Sweden and aiming for Europe and Russia”, says Anne Kihlgren, CEO and founder of Dynamic Code.

Knowledge about what genes a person carries provides a head start for people who want to change their lifestyle in terms of exercise and diet. With Lifesum, users can then act on the DNA information according to their own ability, for example by adjusting their diet to intake of certain fats with their food, or focusing on a certain type of exercise, based on knowledge about how the muscles respond to explosiveness and endurance. Together, these form useful tools for a healthy life.

We are working to find new and innovative solutions to facilitate and improve the user's journey to a healthier life. DNA testing for consumers is a relatively new area, where we see great potential to improve understanding of the different conditions of individuals. Dynamic Code is an exciting company at the forefront of development, and a great partner for Lifesum.”

The Classification of Muscle Properties and Predisposition to being Overweight tests cost SEK 399 and you receive the test results within 5 days. They are available to buy via Lifesum starting December 8, or right now from the Dynamic Code website.


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