Swedish DNA company performs kinship analysis for the Norwegian migration board

Linköping company Dynamic Code AB will perform all ancestral and paternity analysis for migration issues in Norway.

In competition with the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine as well as several international companies among others, Dynamic Code AB won the procurement implemented by the Norwegian Immigration Directorate in Norway, UDI. Procurement requirements are based on the ability to deliver a complete solution with the highest quality and service at the right price.

“We have chosen Dynamic Code as they have presented a complete solution that received the highest score in our assessment based on the criteria of quality, price and service,” says Katinka Hartmann, branch head at UDI. 

UDI is the central agency in Norway with responsibility to implement and promote the development of immigration and refugee policy. The agreement means that between 1 100 to 2 400 individuals will be analysed annually and cooperation will extend from 2-4 years.

Sampling takes place at the police authority in Norway and at embassies in other countries, for example. Samples are sent to Dynamic Code, where they are analysed and reported to UDI. 

“We feel very positively about this cooperation. For some time several Swedish municipalities have hired Dynamic Code for their paternity cases,” says Anne Kihlgren, CEO of Dynamic Code. 

“In Sweden the Swedish Migration Board did not make a procurement, but thus far the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine has had a monopoly on these matters - something we hope will change. Just as in Norway, one can increase quality and service at a lower price, says Anne Kihlgren, CEO Dynamic Code.


Press contact

Anne Kihlgren
CEO Dynamic Code
+46(0)13 465 53 21