We talk about e-health together with the 1.6 and 2.6 million club in Almedalen

Together with the 1.6 and 2.6 million club we will talk about e-health, focusing on women and women's quality of life. How can new actors within digital healthcare help women get better diagnoses and better healthcare? What happens in the care process when women can perform DNA-based tests at home? How does this affect people's attitude to, among other things, taboo diseases such as sexually transmitted diseases?

How can e-health benefit women's quality of life?

WHEN:       5 July,  14.30-15.10
WHERE:     Landshövdingens Trädgård, Korsgatan 4, Visby, SWEDEN

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Anne Kihlgren is the woman who developed DNA tests at the State Forensic Laboratory. She is now CEO and one of the founders of Dynamic Code, a company that offers DNA-based health tests. How can DNA-based health tests and e-health create women's focus on healthcare? How can digital care supplement traditional care?


Anne Kihlgren, VD, one of the founders of Dynamic Code. 
Kristina Gemzell Danielsson, Professor obestetrics and gynecology, Karolinska Institutet
Alexandra Charles, Chairman of the 1,6 & 2,6 miljonerklubben
Helene Richardsson, Business Development, eHälsomyndigheten


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Anne Kihlgren
CEO Dynamic Code
+46(0)13-465 53 21