About our test for the winter vomiting bug

The winter vomiting bug is caused by norovirus which is a type of calicivirus. With our test you can easily find out if you are protected against the most common form of the norovirus.

About 20% of the Swedish population has hereditary protection against contracting the winter vomiting bug. The protection is due to a variation of the gene for fucosyltransferase (FUT2). The FUT2 gene encodes an enzyme which certain blood group antigen molecules present on the cell surface and secrete into the mucosa. In people who carry dual genes of the variant of the FUT2 gene (A/A), no active enzyme exists and thus they are not susceptible to infection by the most common type of norovirus. People who carry the gene (G/G) and those who only carry a single gene (A/G) do not have genetic protection against the most common type of norovirus.

We offer different cooperative opportunities in which we tailor solutions for each customer. Our concept covers the entire chain from sampling kits and method of analysis to performing laboratory analysis and distribution of analytical results. We currently sell a test for protection against the winter vomiting bug at the pharmacy.

Simple sampling and secure results

Our test is simple to perform. The CE-marked sampling kit contains sampling material, instructions and return packaging. You can take a cheek scrape sample yourself at home and then send it to our accredited laboratory (ISO/IEC 17025) for DNA analysis. The result of the analysis is obtained via our website or telephone with a personal code 5 days after the sample is received at our laboratory.

A clear message shows the way

Knowing whether you are protected against or could become infected by the most common type of norovirus can be important information for people who are at risk of suffering complications in connection with the winter vomiting bug. Furthermore this knowledge has practical significance for families with children e.g. in connection with planning who will stay home to look after the children if they get norovirus. The test can also provide important information to an employer that offers its staff the chance to voluntarily test themselves. The result can be a valuable basis for planning staff resources in an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug.

The most common types of norovirus do not multiply in individuals with protection. However a person with protection can move the virus from one place to another through physical contact. Therefore it is always important to be careful with hygiene, such as hand washing and food handling.

Unique and safe method of analysis

Dynamic Code uses a proprietary laboratory method to analyse position 428 in the FUT2 gene. The developed method is based on real-time PCR. A method detects A and/or G genes in the SNP position as above. The method is validated according to accredited procedures.

Information and price quotes

For more information about our test for the Winter vomiting bug and potential collaboration,

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E-mail: info@dynamiccode.se

Quality and security

  • A comparison between the developed method and external method or Sanger sequencing of a total of 74 samples showed 99.5% methodological certainty.
  • Analyses are performed at the Dynamic Code laboratory, accredited under ISO/IEC 17025 and reviewed by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC).
  • Sampling kits are CE marked according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC as well as the MDD directive 93/42/EEC and in addition to future legislative changes.
  • Studies have shown that the procedures in the sampling kit are clear and safe when it comes to taking the sample correctly, sending the sample and obtaining the results.

The test for the Winter vomiting bug is registered with the Swedish Food and Drug Administration.