Forensic analysis

With forensic DNA analysis you can make an individual determination, that is, confirm whether a particular person has drunk from a particular bottle, smoked a certain cigarette or can be linked to a blood stain. The method is also used to determine what a biological trace is comprised of e.g. blood or hair type.

Long experience with forensic DNA analysis

Our forensic DNA analysis gives you quick and reliable results. If necessary we can provide professional advice and also explain our analyses at hearings and trials. Our clients include insurance companies and forensic laboratories as well as private individuals. We have extensive experience in DNA analysis, both from our own operations and as a business linked to the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensic Science (SKL) (Now the National Forensic Centre of Sweden (NFC)). The technology we use is the same as that used by SKL. We maintain the highest security in our laboratory work, which includes forensic laboratory logistics with full traceability of samples.

We offer a sampling kit with instructions for securing the biological material to be analysed e.g. a cigarette butt, blood stain, chewing gum, snuff pouches or a stamp. Then the sample is sent to our quality-assured laboratory for analysis. The results are delivered within 5-10 days. If necessary, the result can be delivered more quickly. Keep in mind that the age of the material, quantity and possible contamination by foreign materials affect the result of the analysis.

High quality method of analysis

For individual determination we analyse DNA from different traces and compare them with each other or with a known individual. We analyse the DNA by so-called markers, called microsatellites, and follow International Society for Forensic Genetics (IFGS) recommendations for markers. By analysing several markers which vary greatly between individuals, we generally get a result with high evidence value (exclusion capacity). The result shows if there is a match between traces and the individual or if they can be ruled out.

To determine what a trace contains, we examine the trace microscopically and conduct biochemical tests. The result shows if one can detect or rule out the presence of e.g. blood.

Quality and security

  • The analyses are done at the Dynamic Code quality-assured laboratory.
  • Because DNA analysis involves several different steps and evidence value is typically very high, all transfer steps are inspected when there is a risk for sample confusion. An analysis at Dynamic Code is traceable. The sample is registered along with its sample ID number in the laboratory's lab information system where information about the sample and its path through the analytical process can be followed.
  • Dynamic Code is a member of IFGS and participates in the association's program for quality control and development in the field.
  • Dynamic Code handles forensic matters under the Swedish Official Secrets Act, which means that staff are bound to confidentiality


Information and price quotes

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