The team behind Dynamic Code

For us it is crucial to maintain a high level of expertise in our core business.

In addition to our own skills we are linked to the expertise of universities and health care. We also look to continually develop our combined expertise through inter alia partnerships, training, participation in conferences and seminars as well as new recruitment.

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Anne Kihlgren, CEO & founder

The CEO and one of the two founders of Dynamic Code AB. Annes education is a Licentiate degree in biochemistry of Linköping University. Has previously worked at SKL - the National Laboratory of Forensic Science now called NFC-the National Forensic Centre in Linköping, First as a scientist and reporting officer and project manager in development and then as projekt manager and head of the team of  the national DNA database at SKL in Linköping. Some of the key issues in the development of the forensic DNA-database was logistics, legal issues, service and systems management in connection with biological samples from people. 



Lars Karlsson

Lars Karlsson holds a Master of Science in Business Administration. He has extensive experience in business development. He is a founder and former CEO of IFS and Arnek Annonsbyrå. Several board positions in both listed companies and unlisted companies and for many years engaged in the development of new knowledge intensive companies. He is member of the boards of Arkub/TelliQ AB, AB Nicely, Medius AB, Millnet AB, Swedish Biogas International AB, Litium Business Communications and Dynamic Code AB.



Eva Bäckman, Production Director

Eva Bäckeman has a PhD in Immunology. Eva is responsible for the production, which covers the production of test packages and the laboratory business. Eva has been researching in the field of molecular biology/immunolgi at Lund University, Linköping University and at Cambridge University, UK. She has previously worked as a project manager in the Swedish biotech industry. 




Camilla Stark, Head of digital business & communication

Responsible for Dynamic Code websites, e-commerce and e-health services offered in conjunction with partners. Have many years of experience in e-commerce, integration projects and communication. Camilla has an MBA in International Business from Gothenburg School of Economics and a BS from the Jonkoping International Business School and Dalhouse University, Halifax, Canada.



Johanna Karlsson, Head of Administration

Responsible for the administration and customer service at Dynamic Code. She works with customer orders and inventory management. Johanna has a bachelor's degree in biology from Linköping University.